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I have undergone numerous projects and received consistently positive feedback from my clients and employers. Here are some of those projects.


Sound Re-Designer, Recording Engineer, Editor, Mixer, Voice Actor

For my final post-production project at Vancouver Film School, I chose this short animated film in which a young man struggles to stay awake during an afternoon class. I designed, recorded, edited, and mixed all of the sound effects, dialogue, and music. I also performed the foley and even supplied the voice for the main character. This short provided me with plenty of creative sound design opportunities, for which I received consistently high praise from peers, instructors, and industry professionals.



SFX & Voice Designer, Audio Implementer, Mixer

For my game project at Vancouver Film School, I worked on the existing VFS game Robo Rapture. Working with a classmate, I provided the sound effects and voices for the player and enemy characters, and also implemented and mixed the material in Wwise. I enjoyed not only the worldbuilding I was able to do for the game, but the technical implementation as well.



Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer, Mastering Engineer

For a final project at Slam Academy, I designed a sample pack of 25 composite sounds revolving around a sci-fi theme. All of these sounds were created entirely from scratch and arranged by me; my work received a glowing response from my instructor. The sounds have amassed thousands of downloads in total, and some have been used in numerous podcasts and YouTube videos.



Podcast Editor, Mixer, Mastering Engineer
October 2019 - April 2021

I delivered work for WBT Productions' Hoshruba World, a fantasy- and story-based podcast. I edited, arranged, mixed, and mastered hundreds of supplied audio files to provide the listener with an immersive experience.

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