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My name is Andrew Jordan. I have a passion for and an obsession with creating sound effects, and enjoy the combination of sounds and the possibility of what they could become. The crafting of special sound effects (SPFX) - totally unique sounds that no one has ever heard before - is arguably my greatest passion. My passion for sound design is heavily inspired by experimental electronic musicians I grew up listening to, as well as my lifelong love of film, television, and video games. 


For years now, I have spent countless hours generating my own samples and building my library. I have a particular creative process that I tend to follow; I take a sample that I recorded myself, manipulate specific parameters of select plugins randomly, and then pick out the best iterations for my library. I'm always eager to learn how to use sampling to create unique sounds and explore the countless sonic possibilities it offers. Synthesis is something I also love to spend time on, refining my skills in analog, FM, wavetable, and physical modeling synthesis.


In addition to sound design, I am interested not only in editing and mixing sound to film and television, but incorporating it into video games (a.k.a. technical sound design). Both of these processes are very different, but they are each essential pieces of their respective puzzles. I also have a passion for the composition of sonically creative electronic music.


Though my creative process is fairly specific and organic, I am always willing to learn and pursue more ways to create. Whether subtle or in-your-face, sound is the invisible force that truly conveys the most vital information and context to the viewer/player, and my mission is to provide that service.

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